Episode 11: Routine

Episode 11 brings you Roo doing his impressions of Oliver’s latest noises, Nick almost too tired to finish sentences and a discussion about routines.

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One comment

  1. Hi, there was a comment I think about travel cots? We managed to get one second hand – and would recommened try asking around. Lots don’t get a lot of use so are stilli n good condition.

    Also I would suggest http://childrensmattressesonline.co.uk they can produce a custom size foam mattress (with various anti-allergy) washable covers. The built in mattresses on most travel cots aren’t very good. You wouldn’t want to sleep on it so why put your offspring on it.

    Indeed when ours where a little older we just took the mattress.. With a few pillows and other ‘barriers’ we created a safe environment. Plus the travel cots are very very bulky.

    The plus thing about travel cots is that when mastered – you can look like a magician in putting them and taking them down.. if you thought pushcharis were a challenege to handle sometimes try putting up a travel cot.

    Best wishes to all the dads.. (and mums today of course!).

    Matthew (Daniel 6, Christoper 2)

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