Episode 4: Monitors

With Nick’s baby now overdue, we stay on schedule for episode 4. We compare notes on baby monitors, getting sleep and answer a listener’s baby-throwing question. We also hear from listener, Rob Grundel, on how he prepared his 3 year old son for the arrival of his new baby brother.

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  1. We have the BT 250 monitor and it’s been pretty good, with two exceptions.

    For a while the handset went a bit insane, would turn itself on and act as if the volume up button was being held down. Annoying, but it’s stopped now, touch wood.

    The handset quite often has the light turn on (even when turned off) when you’re trying to turn it on/off/my boy touches it and then won’t turn off without removing the batteries.

    I hope you don’t have those problems!

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