Episode 2: Antenatal

We’re back for more. This week we talk about finding out the sex of your baby, antenatal classes and what’s in your overnight bag. We also welcome our first listener contributions.

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One comment

  1. NCT ante-natal classes – fully agree about the social side – they give you a peer group going through the same overwhelming experience at the same time. We recently returned to the UK for a holiday and had great fun catching up with some of our NCT group 10 years later. I agree about the mums tending to be the glue holding the group together.

    For baby monitoring – we actually got a couple of infrared IP security cameras with audio capabiliie and mounted them above the cots – that way we could use a laptop to keep an ear on them, and then if we heard noise we could see which one was doing what.

    Oh, and twin dad was hilarious!

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